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  • Store Friendly: Push Trolleys without contact, Carry Bags, Effortless Store Checkout.   
  • Entry & Exit Friendly: A multifunctional door opener and closer.
  • ATM Friendly: Open and close ATM doors, compatible with ATM screens and buttons. 
  • Elevator Friendly: Compatible with elevator screens and buttons.
  • Bottle Opener: Why not? Celebrate good times – safely. 

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The pandemic has people thinking twice about every doorknob, countertop and surface they touch, but it’s also led to some clever innovation. IEPPL Safety Key’s hand extension means no contact with doors /switches /push buttons /ATM Screen touch /button touch /elevator button /bottle opener. Made from medical grade Copper alloy, the safety key has curves and edges that help open handles and doors, pick up bags and press buttons, open bottles, pull shopping carts etc. The design includes a key chain hole for easy access. You can’t exactly avoid doorknobs and punching your PIN into card readers at the grocery store. IEPPL Safety Key makes it so that you don’t have to come into contact with anything at all. Inspired by how frequently we touch surfaces—from doors to elevator buttons— IEPPL Safety Key is designed to hook onto round handles and features a loop to slip a finger into for levera

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